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One of my favourite director at the moment is Niklas Johnasson. The video above is one of about 6 different videos in cities around the world. If learning a language was this visually stimulating I would definitely be multilingual by now.

the shots and composition are excellent but the thing I love most is the graphics. They are fantastic. The way the move around on screen ever so subtly makes it even better. Those two little lines that pop in every now and then and the sudden light change to give it that ‘filmic’ quality… yep! it’s pretty nifty.

All in all, his videos make me want to go away and learn another language. And hey! with massive graphic blocks popping round every corner or friendly strangers/love interests helping you, it couldn’t be easier!

Film I recently filmed and edited.

This week

I have an amazing conversation with this man who ‘hated film’ at Annie’s going away goodbye. I don’t think he really hated film as he said he saw one film a dozen or so times (doesn’t sound like the actions of a film hater to me!) But he had a very interested perspective. His view was that film tries to be real, It tries to mimic reality but, ultimately fails for we as a viewer are always removed from the experience. He turned my interest in creating more ‘immersive’ pieces of work (for example using base speakers to shake people during my Run For Cover Installation) as trying to create something more ‘real’ something that would stay with the audience member, as if they had been part of the story. I’m not sure If I completely agree with him but he definitely has an interesting point of view, surely creating a story that your audience doesn’t just view but feels they were part of. It’s an interesting goal to try and achieve I think.

So… This week I’ve been working for a company called BlinkTv and have been helping organize and grabbing footage for a concert for a man call Vangelis or as he likes to be called… The Maestro, for a big concert out in Doha. He’s done sound tracks for Blade Runner, chariots of fire etc. so he’s pretty big in the game. The screen they are projecting onto is 90m by 35m (just had an e-mail and apparently they just made the screen bigger then that) … now that’s BIG. they wanted basically the visuals that are in Tree of Life but… that’s pretty cool for a concert of pretty epic music. Probably my first sole ‘production’ roll, but I think I did ok, but I guess we’ll see by if I get called back!!!

Last weekend I was in Italy visiting the Italian Man, Mr Andre Chekka V1 with Darren and my bro. Italy was pretty sick! We went time lapsing down San Marino where Andre studies. San Marino is on this massive hill/mountain which overlooks Italy really… It’s a wicked place for a time lapse and although our shot compositions were good unfortunately my timelapse remote ran out of battery and me clicking down on the button ended up shaking the camera equaling a rather shitty time lapse :| but I got some other pretty interesting stuff shooting out of Andre’s car window which will hopefully be pretty sweet once I start editing that together.

In Italy we ate like kings thanks to Andre’s mum, we had some damn good pizza and ice-cream too (the rumours of their deliciousness in Italy are true!). Defo need to move to continental Europe soon, food’s much better… and it seems to be actually sunny. Who woulda guest eh ? and I need to learn a new language…

This week I’ve been down Dalston doing some editing for a guy called Jude who used to be part of the Light Surgeons. It’s gone pretty well so far! Just waiting on this dang thing to color files to render… Hopefully my future life will consist of super computers and less of twiddling my thumbs while my computer renders.

At least it gives me time to come up with genius plans like an ice cream cloud (that’s right… it’s exactly how it sounds).

oh and just cus this is H-i-l-a-rious….

Back At Jaiwho!!!

  That’s right! after what must be nearly a year of not blogging on Jaiwho I’ve finally decided to come back and start blogging again!

For the last year I’ve been mainly blogging on which was more of a ‘work blog’ as my university asked use to create a work journal, and although this helped me through university I like my blog being a bit more relaxed and more about what I’m up to so that i can look back at my posts and be like ‘oh I remember that’.

I’ll get started with what I’m up to at the moment!

Firstly I graduated from uni! Waaahhhheeyyyyyyy 

I was very happy to graduate with a 2.1 degree and to of come out with a rather good Final major project called Run For Cover, an Audio Visual Experience about children growing up during the blitz in Bedminster, Bristol.

If you do watch the video I recommend viewing it in full screen.

This piece of work has helped me talk to the innovation heads at BBC Bristol & London as well as getting an interview with The Light Surgeons and subsequently, an internship with them.

Since I started my internship in July I’ve been working with them on and off for the last three months and have learned a great deal. It’s very interesting to see their workflow and the way they go about building a project.

One project I helped them on quite recently was their audio visual show ‘super everything’ which premiered in Malaysia last month. This project had about 8tb of pro res footage, who knows how many hours and it all had to be condensed down into about a 45min show. From what I’ve seen it’s ended up a rather impressive show, here’s the trailer.

I’ve been also working on a little project for the Tobacco Factory down in Bristol celebrating their 10th anniversary. I also used Final Cut X to edit it! It’s nearly finished so I’ll post up the end product soon with my personal review of how final cut X was!!!

I shall be posting soon enough with tails of glory and adventure! but before I go let me recommend a brilliant Vlog (video blog) by my friend Mr Daniel Harries which is brilliant and very funny!

Go watch it, especially if you are interested in animation and motion graphics!